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Hello and Welcome!

Right, so I decided that maybe it would be easier to do this in a community rather an on my personal LJ since I invited people who watch my LJ but don't necessarily have me friended (or I don't have them friended, whichever).

So, I made a post for recommendations in the next post--if you want to rec something, I guess you can comment and I'll link the thread, or you can make your own post and/or do a review and I'll link that. And feel free to rec things for various ages--I know I can't be the only one with nieces and nephews to buy gifts for. =P Or children. Some people have children. I have a dog. /random

But first thing's first--how often do we want to read/discuss books? Every month? Every other month? Comment and I'll tally up the votes. I know some people are busier than others.

I could do every month, but I'm flexible. And I'll probably be busier after grad school starts up again so I could do every other month too.

Oh and I guess we should suggest books too for all of us to read? For a poll later? Let's keep book suggestions to fiction and literature--but if you want rec sci fi/fantasy/nonfiction feel free. I'd like to suggest Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (for reading by this book club--I haven't read it yet). It was a finalist for the 2004 Man Booker Prize. You can read the New York Times review here, although you do need to be a member to read it (signing up is free). You can also read reviews here, at its Amazon.com page.

Oh, and feel free to do an introduction post--what do you like to read, where are you from, what are some of your favorite books, etc.etc.


Every month's good with me, probably. I should read more, anyway. So I'm down with that! I want to rec. Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby too, for the strangeness.
Rec or suggest for reading for the book club? The rec post is the one after this. XD
Suggest, that's what I meant. XD
I'm for every other month.. because I have university starting up again, and I rarely get a chance to sit down and read, so, especially if it's a longer book, I'd need quite a bit of time, despite being a pretty speedy reader..

I also have a couple of recommendations ^_^ [And I've heard a LOT of people raving about Cloud Atlas, especially people at work - I work in a bookstore.. I'll have to give it a try ^^]
Matthew Reilly - Ice Station. Lots of action, almost like a good action movie, with a brilliantly complex storyline.
Mil Millington - Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. A wonderfully easy read, and totally hilarious - In my opinion, at least. I've read it four or five times, and it still makes me giggle.
Maybe we'll do every other month then--a bunch of people in my original LJ post were all for every other month.

The rec post is the next one. ^_^ This post is for suggesting books to read for later (hopefully ones you haven't read)--I haven't read Cloud Atlas, although I own it.
Ahh I'm sorry! My mistake >_<

Maybe Cloud Atlas would be a good one to start off with, then..

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